100% natural and 100% effective slimming

Eliminate, refine, sculpt and firm your figure without the pain, without health risks and without aggression. The lipomodelage Cellu M6® Integral S works gently with quick results, it is comfortable, painless and really effective.

Lipomodelage, the number one slimming technique in France

The LPG lipomodelage “cellu M6® integral S” attacks fat build-up that resists diets and exercise to reshape body contours, it smoothes cellulite and firms the skin from the very first sessions.

Cellu M6® Integral S

The new LPG “Cellu M6® Integral S” is for all women who want solutions for:

  • Cellulite
  • Hard to eliminate fat build-up
  • Sagging skin

This technique is also used for men to eliminate “love handles”.

Thalasso Packages

Discover CELLU M6® INTEGRAL S in the Thermes Marins Thalasso packages:

  • Sea & Countouring
  • Slimming Express (2 sessions per day for 3 days).