Thalasso and Spa Vocabulary

Everything about our treatments : hydrotherapy, seaweed, physiotherapy, Spa and physical activities…

Gentle Muscle Exercise

On the beach, learn how to relax and breath, tone and oxygenate (with a trainer). Duration : 45mn


Gymnastics in the pool working on weight loss and muscle tone. Duration : 30mn

Sea Walking

Along the beach, walking in the sea with the aid of a paddle. Duration : 45mn


An activity that uses water intensity to work all muscle groups and improve fitness, strengthen the lower body and increase endurance. Duration : 30mn


Physical exercise to improve and correct posture and tone muscle. Duration : 30mn or 45mn

Aquatic Training

This activity is performed in seawater heated at 30°C whilst continually surveying cardiac frequency. It reinforces endurance and has an effect on weight loss, slimming and blood circulation. Duration : 30mn or 1h

Countouring treatments

A group of treatments aimed at helping you loose weight, lipomodelage, draining modelage or a detoxifying body-wrap: there’s a solution for you.

Body Wraps

Our body wraps, rich in trace elements and minerals are accompanied by an intense modelage of the shoulders and neck and a scalp massage (performed with or without essential oils).

Body Scrubs

Revive your skin’s radiance: we have selected the best body scrubs, bringing you the beneficial effects of faraway lands, to leave your skin soft, clean and fresh. The exfoliating effect of the body scrubs optimises the effect of the active … Continue reading

Face Massages

Smoothing, kneading, pumping, each modelage contains more than 30 expert movements for personalised treatment. Oxygenating, relaxing, draining, anti-wrinkle and firming, for restored radiance.

Body Massages

Inspired by rich encounters and exchanges, travel and reflection, from Japan, China, India and Indonesia, our modelages are created to eliminate tension, enhance relaxation and well-being, harmonize energy, improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

Exercise Pool

Aquatic gymnastics for joint and muscle maintenance. Duration : 25mn

Relaxation Pool

Aquatic relaxation in a lying position supported by floats, the physiotherapist teaches you relaxation techniques in the pool. Duration : 25mn

Physio Balneo Pool

Gymnastic therapy in a pool with a physiotherapist. Maintains the locomotor system especially the spine. Duration : 25mn

Leg Pool

Gymnastics for the lower limbs in warm seawater followed by walking through a stream of cold seawater. Stimulates vasomotor mechanisms. Duration : 25mn

Back Gymnastics

For support, reinforcement and ease. Duration : 50mn

Post-natal Gymnastics

A group course for young mothers aimed at reinforcing and relaxing muscles. Duration : 25mn

Leg Gymnastics

Group course with a physiotherapist aimed at improving blood circulation in the lower limbs. Duration : 50mn

Gymnastic Ball

The physiotherapist teaches you the Klein method using the ball for back gymnastics and posture. Duration : 25mn


Muscle stretching in warm seawater. Improves joint mobility. Duration : 25mn

Pool therapy

The physiotherapist works with you in the pool for a personalized treatment where heat and the lift of seawater help to reinforce and improve joint amplitude. Duration : 20 to 25mn

Massage or physiotherapy (performed in treatment room)

Massage to ease pain, spasms and improve blood circulation. Physiotherapy to improve joints or reinforce muscle. Duration : 20 to 25mn

Marine Globes

The fingers and wrists are massaged in a warm algae cream. Remineralizing and sedative. Duration : 20mn

Seaweed body-wrap

A warm seaweed cream is applied over the entire body and maintained at body temperature, then rinsed with warm seawater. Duration : 25mn


A fine rain of seawater is pulverised under a mask to decongest breathing passages. Duration : 10mn


A soft bed and circulating wave for a complete body modelage in a soft, soothing atmosphere. Duration : 18mn

Pressure Therapy

Inflatable boots are applied to the lower limbs; compartments are filled with air to apply pressure for a draining effect. Duration : 20mn

Pool with underwater jets

Underwater hydro-massage in seawater pool at 35°C with adjustable showerheads (Spinal dorsal-lumbar gymnastics with hydromassage or Spinal cervical gymnastics with hydro-massage) Duration : 15mn

Jet Shower

A shower is passed over the entire body using warm seawater. Draining effect. Duration : 11mn

Underwater marine shower

Underwater hydro-massage in warm seawater (35°C to 36°C), performed by a therapist with a showerhead (1-3 bars). Duration : 15mn

Marine Draining

Massage using showerhead and varying water temperatures. Duration : 11mn

Jet-bath with seaweed or essential oils

Underwater micro-showers alternate along the body from the arch of the feet to the nape of the neck, air bubbles and seaweed cream or essential oils. Duration : 20mn

Manual Affusion Shower

A full body massage under a rain of warm seawater. Duration : 25mn (only in some of the Thalasso packages and in the 4 treatments “Prestige”

Affusion Shower

The client lies under a series of micro-showers which continuously move and cross over the body. This is a very gentle treatment. Duration : 15mn